A complete guide to preventative maintenance for the Field Service Industry

According to maintenance professionals, two of the top causes of unscheduled equipment downtime are ageing equipment and mechanical failure. Both causes can easily be managed with an effective preventative maintenance plan. Unfortunately, this type of maintenance is not always prioritised, despite its benefits.

To understand what preventative maintenance is and why it’s essential for companies that use assets, including those in the Field Service Industry, take a look at our complete guide to preventative maintenance.

What is preventative maintenance?

Preventative maintenance is a company’s efforts to repair, service, and maintain its assets regularly to prevent downtime and breakdowns. It’s a proactive approach to maintenance, as assets are routinely inspected and repaired before it’s too late to recover a machine or piece of equipment.

Advantages of preventative maintenance

When a preventative maintenance plan is adopted, you can reduce the possibility of downtime and avoid low productivity. Preventative maintenance can decrease downtime as it increases the life expectancy of your assets. You can identify problems and find solutions before it’s too late. A higher life expectancy also reduces the need to replace assets sooner rather than later. Less downtime increases asset availability, keeping your business operational and ensuring your mobile workers have all the tools they need to complete their tasks.

Preventative maintenance also creates a safer work environment for your technicians, as regular maintenance and repairs keep your machines and equipment in working order. With regular maintenance, you can determine if machines have become unsafe to use to avoid injuries. If your workers feel safe at work, they’ll be motivated to work hard and increase their productivity in the field.

You can cut expenses with an effective preventative maintenance plan, as your assets won’t need to be replaced as often and expensive emergency repairs won’t need to be done frequently. Downtime can also be costly for a company, as your employees can’t work when assets are out of action. In the long run, preventative maintenance is an economical solution.

Creating a preventative maintenance plan

To create an effective preventative maintenance strategy, make a list of all your assets, and then identify the ones that need to be included in your plan. When selecting the equipment and machines to be included, consider the following: the cost to replace the asset if it fails, the importance of the asset for the success of your business, and how often maintenance is required for the asset.

Once you’ve created the list, identify the maintenance tasks that need to be completed and how often maintenance needs to be done for every asset. The intervals for maintenance will help you create a preventative maintenance schedule and confirm the cost of maintenance. After you’ve completed these steps, you’ll be able to develop a practical preventative maintenance plan. This strategy will help you plan your other jobs, as you will know when assets aren’t available for tasks.

The final step is to monitor your preventative maintenance plan. Assess the results of the programme and make changes to optimise maintenance. To measure the success of the plan, confirm the number of breakdowns you’ve had, if maintenance jobs were completed on time, whether extra maintenance jobs needed to be done or not and if you’ve had to replace any assets. Compare this information with your statistics for the time before you implemented preventative maintenance to see how successful the plan has been.

Implement preventative maintenance with Asset Management Software

The most popular management system for maintenance is a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), making Asset Management Software a logical choice for implementing preventative maintenance. With an Asset Management system, you can schedule maintenance jobs, assign assets to job cards, attach files and certificates to assets and keep an accurate record of asset maintenance. While an effective plan is essential for preventative maintenance, a system that can help you manage and monitor your maintenance jobs will guarantee successful implementation.

Are there health benefits related to motorcycle riding?

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Although not many people realise it, riding a motorcycle can be great for your health. Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect to enjoy:

Riding can help improve your cardiovascular health.
Riding is said to be very relaxing as well as invigorating, and it is great exercise for your heart and lungs. When you ride a bike, your body has to work harder to maintain balance, which can help improve your cardiovascular health. In addition, the fresh air that you breathe in while riding can help clear out your lungs and keep them healthy.

Riding a motorbike can help improve your balance and coordination.
Improving your balance and coordination can help you stay safe when riding. It can also improve your balance and coordination in other areas of your life as well, such as:

Activities such as sports or dancing
Everyday tasks such as walking upstairs or carrying groceries
Preventing falls and injuries in your older years

Motorcycle riding can help improve your strength and flexibility.
Riding a bike improves your strength and flexibility in your upper and lower body. This is because you are using many different muscles when riding one of these vehicles. For example, the muscles in your legs and arms will get stronger as you practise balancing on the bike. The muscle flexibility in your hips, back, and neck will also improve with time.

These are just a few of the health benefits that can come from riding a motorcycle. If you are looking for ways to improve your overall health, consider giving riding a try! You may be surprised at how much it can benefit you.

Riding a motorbike can help reduce stress levels and promote relaxation.
Riding can also help you relax, as you feel the wind in your hair and on your face and the sun on your skin. The movement of the bike helps to soothe and calm the mind, providing a sense of freedom and peace. This can be especially helpful for those who suffer from anxiety or stress-related disorders.

Motorcycling is also a great way to relieve boredom or frustration. If you are feeling angry or stressed, take a ride and let off some steam! You will come back feeling much better than before.

Motorcycle riding is a great way to get some exercise and stay in shape.
Riding requires physical activity, as you must use your arms and legs to control the bike. In fact, motorbike riding can be a great workout, helping you to stay in shape and improve your fitness level.

If you don’t have much time to go to the gym, then consider riding your motorcycle as a way to get some exercise. You can burn up to 500 calories per hour while riding, which is a great workout! Not only will you be improving your fitness level, but you’ll also have fun while doing it.

A stronger immune system
You won’t believe it, but riding a bike can also give you a stronger immune system. How is this possible? Well, when you ride, your body is exposed to a variety of different environments and conditions. This helps to improve your immune system as it adapts to these new environments.

For most people, riding a motorbike is a thrilling experience that brings them great enjoyment and satisfaction. However, now it has been found that riding can have certain health benefits too, so if you are wondering whether or not to buy a motorcycle, then it certainly has its positive aspects.

Riding helps to improve your balance and coordination. It also strengthens your core muscles, as you need to use them to stay stable on the bike. This is great for improving overall fitness and helping prevent injuries from other activities.

Overall, riding can provide you with a number of health benefits, both physical and mental. It is a great way to get some exercise, enjoy the outdoors, and relax. So, next time you are feeling stressed out or need to get some exercise, consider hopping on your motorcycle for a ride. Motorcycle riding is definitely a great way to get in shape and improve your overall health. So, if you’re looking for something new to try, be sure to give it a go! You may be surprised at how much fun you have

How to hire an electrician for your electrical company

If it’s time to hire a new employee for your growing electrical company, but you’re unsure where to start, discover how to start the hiring process and find the right candidate with our practical guide.

Where to find suitable candidates

Before you start looking for the best technician for the job, you need to decide where to advertise the position. Find out where job seekers in your industry are actively looking for employment and share your advert on these platforms. You can use social media, including sponsored jobs on LinkedIn and job search websites like Indeed. Employee referral programmes are another excellent way to find potential employees, as your electricians may know others in the industry looking for new opportunities.

Define the role with a job description

A job description is a statement that lists the primary duties, responsibilities, and the job title. The description must be included in your advert, so applicants can determine if they qualify for the role and know what will be expected of them. It should also include the qualifications and experience required. Make sure the description is concise and include some information about your company and the work you do. Once you’ve hired a new employee, you can use the job description to measure their performance during the probation period.

Determine compensation and benefits

Once the job description has been finalised, you can determine the remuneration for the position to ensure the compensation is fair for the work required. The salary or wage may be influenced by the number of hours the electrician will be expected to work and whether you’re looking for a full-time or contract employee. Fair compensation is essential to attract potential employees and guarantee job satisfaction once you’ve hired them. If it isn’t competitive, the applicants may not be interested in accepting the role.

Start the interview process and make your decision

Once you’ve determined the position’s roles, responsibilities, and remuneration and received applications, you can start the interview process. Put together a list of interview questions suitable for the electrical industry to help you assess their skills. Once you’ve conducted the interview, contact the candidates’ references to learn more about their work ethic and professional behaviour. Use the information gathered from the interview and the references to make your decision. Once you’ve made your decision, contact the candidate to offer them the role. If they would like to accept the position, send them an email with a formal job offer.

Give your recruit the best chance of success with Electrical Software

If your electrical company uses Electrical Software, provide training for your new electrician so they can start using the system and work in the field as soon as possible. The software makes it easier for your workers to manage their schedules, access job sheets via mobile devices and send invoices once they’ve completed a task. Make sure your new worker, and the rest of your team, know how to use this tool to maximise productivity.

Why Is Accounting Important For the Students?

Accounting is a great field to study for various purposes. This field course offers you knowledge and skills that you can use in several industries. It is also one of the essential subjects for business management students. However, Most students do not take an interest in this subject because they find this subject complicated. Do they still have a query in mind about why accounting is essential? Because they don’t have an idea that accounting plays a crucial role not only in student’s lives but in everyone’s life. There are several reasons for showcasing the importance of accounting for students. Let’s have a look at the importance of accounting for the students:-

Accounting keeps you organized.

As we know that the students can easily make themselves organized with the help of math. But the one thing you need to keep in mind is that math is not enough to keep you organized with your wealth. Sometimes students need accounting assignment help. Still, there are few limitations of mathematics that are not sufficient to organize the financial resources. Accounting allows you to check how much income you have received or spent. When studying at universities or schools, a vast amount of students earn money. Therefore it’ll become important for the students to realize how much income they have gained after their graduation or post-graduation.

It is pretty normal for scholars to forget their expenses. But without accounting, students can’t understand how much money they have saved or have to pay overhead costs. Accounting also encourages students to keep track of the loans that someone has borrowed from them. Students can save huge amounts of money throughout their educational period with the help of proper accounting.

Helps to get the study loan

There are a lot of students who acquire study loans for pursuing their higher education. Without accounting, it is pretty difficult for them to get a loan from the banks as they have to show accountability to repay the interest or loan amount on the assigned due date. Accounting also helps the students to get more opportunities to show them accountability for the loan.

With this, you can also show the bank your earnings sources and your ability to pay the loan at a given time. If students are unable to give correct information about the earning sources of their families, they will not get the loan amount. It also allows learners to evaluate the loans, the interest on the loan, the amount of time, and much more. The students are then eligible to qualify for the loan for the studies.

It guides decision-making

A crucial aspect of the student’s life is decision-making. When it comes to financial decisions for students, Accounting becomes more important. Students will determine, through clear accounting, whether they require new gadgets for their studies or whether they can do the same job as the old ones. This encourages students to keep track of how much they spend on what they do. Besides, it allows students to prevent overspending on unwanted goods or facilities.

It also allows them to discourage underspending too. Yes, underspending is the case when students concentrate solely on saving rather than borrowing. For students, investment is one of the main things. For their future needs, they should invest their capital.

The measure of new strategies

You could think why we should discuss the measure of new strategies? As We have explained earlier that too many students earn money during their educational period. And most of the students also rely on their income for the additional study expenses. That is why they have to build an excellent strategy for the expenses to evade overspending and debts.

In certain cases, students borrow cash from lenders to cover their bills and their additional expenses. Accounting enables them to calculate the risk analysis aspect of lending money because the students are still at risk of either returning the money on time or not. Efficient accounting allows them to measure whether or not the current methodology would succeed for them. It also allows you to compare the numerous tactics to choose the right one for your company.

Help you to overcome financial trouble.

We described previously that the cost of studying is not limited to tuition fees, college fees, or school fees. There is far more to it than the fixed rates. In their academic period, there are plenty of study costs that students need to pay. All these costs cause financial problems to the students. As sometimes, students consume their money without doing accounting calculations, which results in financial trouble. They get out of money when they have to spend for their additional study expenses. Students also need accounting homework help.

Accounting helps them estimate the amount of money needed to save for the uncertain study expenses. In this way, accounting benefits the students to reduce their financial difficulty.


There are various points that exhibit why accounting is necessary. But We have listed some major points that are significant for students. Implementing these accounting tips helps you to save an immense amount of money from the academics expenses.